Who is the largest (physical size) WWE wrestler (current or past) that you could insert into your workplace without it seeming incongruous?

If you popped Triple H in a normal work outfit and popped him in your normal workplace it would probably be immediately noticeable that this was a WWE wrestler and not a person who ordinarily does your normal job.

Edge though? Maybe not…

Discuss this question in this thread please.


Bam bam Bigelow.
One or two lookalikes already so could make it in reasonably fine.
Seamus for sure.


Might I ask what line of work you’re in?

Mick Foley. 100%

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Ah of course, thank you

Real answer: IT

I reckon you could afford to go a bit larger

Big Show.

We’ve got some big guys here.

Right few Shane McMahon type shitehawks about the place too.

It’s tempting but I’m gonna stick with mick.

Absolute bollocks. The Big Show wouldn’t look incongruous in your workplace? That is an absolute crock of shite.


There’s a lad in our work looks like Big Show but he’s like a small version at about 6ft tall. Above Average Show really.

Fred Ottman. There’s a guy in IT that looks just like him


Quite happy that my IT staff look like wrestlers hypothesis has been verified here.

I am enjoying this thread and would like to participate, but alas I have no workplace.

Rikishi if i squish him next to the colour printer

Largest wrestler you could invite to dinner without people being surprised at it?

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Rikishi is a famous ‘desk bunny’.

Please feel free to participate in any way you see fit. Perhaps there may be a person doing a job you encounter on a regular basis (eg shopkeeper, bus driver etc) that you may wish to speculate on

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