Who is the largest (physical size) WWE wrestler (current or past) that you could insert into your workplace without it seeming incongruous?

Or anyone you know who resembles or could be a wrestler.

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That’s why he has to stay next to the photocopier

Ok ok, I’ve just checked and maybe 7’2 would stand out.

Mark Henry

Always sets himself down for a chat. "oh how’s the dpi on that Mary, want me to adjust it? It can send emails too yknow! "

You’re a fucking lunatic mate

I hope you work in Thorntons or Anne summers then.

I wish. Chocolate and Sex Toys being my two favourite things in the world.


Mark Henry famously known as ‘Sexual Chocolate’ of course.

I mean if chocolate and sex aren’t two of a person’s fave things they are doing life wrong imo.

I work from home, so the Big Show, as long as he’s prepared to sit down.


Well, I think people would be surprised at me inviting anyone for dinner, but… Chris Jericho sized?


Just want to reiterate, that anyone saying “The Big Show” in this thread about a person being able to seem incongruous when placed outside the context of them being a wrestler, is a complete lunatic.



Actually Eric Rowan is extremely large but looks like a completely normal man, you’d just think, there’s a tall man. Not especially musclebound. Just 7 foot ish. As long as he wore normal clothes.

Is that just cos you fancy him? :wink:


If a 7ft person walked in my work within 5 minutes someone would definitely say “fucking hell that’s a big fella”


I do not. It is because of the clip you posted above actually, which my brother showed to R and which R now repeats cheekily any he he has fizzy water.

Also, not a large house so any bigger would really stand out.

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Normal clothes, no shouting.

This has actually just pissed me off tbh

Mods, can you close this thread down please? Can’t deal with this.

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“hallo mate, off early are ya? part timer! g’wan lad”