Who is the most cunning person you know?

Regale us, if you would, with tales of the most cunning people you’ve encountered in your time on our earth. (Please)

Dr Neil “Dr “Foxy” Fox” Fox

Foxes are considered to be cunning (polite) or sly (impolite)

or wily (old)

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The Keir Starmer Story

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Probably me, truth be told

Dick Dastardly

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I’d have to say @shrewbie

Oh no sorry, he’s the most funning person I know

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I did something cunning today

Will come as no surprise to you, I’m sure, as a member of the secret trip club

Please do tell!

I often use my office job as an opportunity to be a mole and find out stuff that benefits my tours or freelance work.

For instance, in summer I use it to find out the theme for upcoming arts festivals which the office sponsor and you’re meant to pitch appropriate tour routes to that are somehow magically meant to match the themes…which they keep secret. If they don’t match you don’t get the work.

Mine magically do match.

Stupid stupid commissioning process there and they must surely know I have or am a mole. Anyway, the other guy, a nemesis of mine doesn’t have to go through this and is given half the tours regardless.

(There’s more to this but the summary is, he’s a snake)

Today I was asked to do a freelance job for a rival company and I had no idea how to cost, then I remembered we once commissioned that same nemesis to do a similar job for us at the office (which I could have done for them for free as part of my job and actually did do to somehow prove a point that they’re throwing money away, but the opportunity to show them my work never arose :woman_shrugging:t2:).

Anyway, I pretended to be working on budgets for my team, lol, I can’t even add up, and I concocted a story about needing to cost historical research jobs but not having a frame of reference but “has your department ever commissioned anything like that”.

They told me how much he charged and broke it down into day rates (and then told me that he never even did the work but got paid for it all anyway).

Will no doubt have to continue my new imaginary office role as head of finance into the future but I’m glad to have some intel - I have learned I should be charging twice what I do.

Then at the end I causally mentioned “oh I’m also a bit of a budding researcher and here’s all the info you need that he didn’t do for you” which I was able to supply as if it took me no time when he’d been charging for 4 days when in fact I’d had it waiting all that time in the wings.

Managed to undermine the abilities of my nemesis, upped my own value, and basked in the happiness I get from being a sneaky little mole.


Cunning Steve

You devious, brilliant bastard!


I think I know who your nemesis is, he is a massive whopper.

There’s two. One is clearly a douchebag of epic proportions, utterly horrific man, but also very bad at what he does (EG), this one is good at what he does but a slimy little snake (JS) that charms his way around the city. He is a good guide annoyingly, just not a good person.

@Scout is the most cunning person I know, apparently


Gary Windass. No explanation needed and NONE will he forthcoming

The 2nd is the one I know of.

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