Who is the most famous person you have pissed next to/on?

Bernard Gallagher for me

Steve McClaren

the whirlwind jimmy white

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What have we learned? Sports people piss more than showbiz or music.

I have never urinated next to or on a famous person.

Who would be your dream co-pisser?

Bassist from Cursive

I don’t go out much

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Emile Heskey. Bubblelove 1999.

why was the bassist from cursive using your toilet?

Kate Jackson from the Long Blondes

Needed a poo. I was pissing through his legs. Tim Kasher was watching.


John Peel in Queen Elizabeth Hall in the South Bank Centre

Billy Fane

Josh Widdecombe after Sufjan Stevens (had played songs, not after Sufjan had urinated)


John Regis

Did he have an ugly organ?


Alec Empire. Gave me urinal fear for years to follow.

Steve Nicol - former Liverpool and Scotland utility player.

We used adjacent urinals at Lilleshall Hall in the break between extra time and penalties during the WC semi between England v W Germany in 1990

It was Mac Demarco and I almost hit him because he kept shouting full english brexit, on the night of the brexit vote

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I’ve never been so angry I couldn’t piss though

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