Who is the most famous person you've ever touched?

I think for me it’s probably @thewarn

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Physically or mentally?

Thom Yorke. Or all the lads from Kings of Leon. Annoyingly they’re probably more famous, but Thom’s my hero.

Oh, also Burt Bacharach.

Physically, Antoine, physically.

Blimey, that’s a good one.


Ian McKellan when he invited me to a party.

Or John Major. I guess McKellan is more famous now.

Sir Alex Ferguson in that case

Tom Hanks

Kings of Leon lads more famous than Thom Yorke? Dunno about that. I don’t know any of their names

I’m now trying to remember if I shook Terry Jones’ hand when I was introduced to him briefly. Possibly not, I’m not sure.

I’ll leave it as @thewarn

Caleb, Darnell and Dwayne

I’m struggling to think of any

I passive smoked David Bowie’s marlborough light once - but I’ve told that story on here before

Polly Toynbee? haha that’s pathetic.

Brad Leon
Cory Leon
Zach Leon
Deggy Leon


ok guys I’m not suggesting they don’t have names


Oh, Sadiq Khan