Who is the most famous person you've ever touched?

Oh! Gordon Brown.

that heady spring of 2010 was a great time for Smee touching people of the centre left

Story please.

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Story please.

Gary stringer

I have a photo of him with his hands on my shoulders and he has signed it saying “Take that smile off your face, Balonz. Tom Hanks”.

Jemaine out of Flight of the Conchords.
Nels Cline.
Might have shaken hands with a politician or something, but can’t think of one…

Oh wait, I’ve touched Jeff Tweedy too.
Might have to see if I can get the whole Wilco set, now.
Oh, a former All Black (famous in NZ anyway) and probably loads of cricketers at signings when I was a kid.

Thank you.

I’ve no idea if even a single word of this is true or not.

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It is 100% true. I don’t know where it is but I might have a look for it.

Ronan Keating

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My favourite person I’ve ever touched/met/conversed with (up there with Thom) was Stewart Lee. I made him laugh, which was a moment of great pride.

your bare shoulders?

Matt Groening, too.

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Did he draw you? (everybody likes dune buggies…)

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cool answer: Brendan Benson or Lisa Hannigan
probably more correct but boring answer: Enda Kenny

Michael Dell.

Bit shit really.

Jason Leonard, I think.

Your mum.

Couldn’t find it but I needed to get my slippers anyway.