Who is the NEXT artist that should break out???

Please post underrated, underappreciated musical talents that should get some love, but get passed up for whatever reason. All genres welcomed and appreciated! All I ask is for everyone to try and listen to this communities input and respect it.

This first song only has 2 monthly listeners on Spotify. I believe he has very good potential.

I think these guys could go far.


Radiohead is a famous band I don’t think it fits in this post but I appreciate your input.

Great tune!

What about these guys?

1 hit wonders if you ask me

Not entirely answering the question but thought it was worth mentioning this great track from the latest Dreamville album:

Cozz & REASON are sort of the forgotten guys in their respective labels (Dreamville & Top Dawg) and they exchange bars about retaliating at the end of the track. Ended up checking out REASON’s album and it’s actually pretty good. Not perfect by any means, but there’s some impressive lyrics and production.

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This is like half-a-joke but not really because he deserves it:


Can a @moderators please move this to classified

  • Swing Out Sister
  • Foo Fighters

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Kevin should break out of jail


Dunno if you’ve heard of them but Johhny Jag and the Jaggers is a band that is gonna be huge.


Can you explain why this needs moved to “Classified” please.

Nice tune as well but I was looking for new artists. I know Radiohead has been around a long time and they are pretty well famous. Big Star in the Street it sounds like something I maybe have heard before but I can’t recall. It definitely isn’t new. Thank you for your input though!!

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@theorist I like it, it’s different. Not something that I listen to that often. It grows on me and they definitely could be considered underrated but they have over 8 million monthly views on their spotify.

@tilty I just read the description of “classifieds”. How does this topic fit into that? I literally put my post in MUSIC because it’s about music. I don’t understand. Please explain because it makes no sense whatsoever.

@otto Nice different rendition. Don’t think it fits in this post though. Looking for artists that will be the next thing in the music.

@jack_on_fire Nice cover of a classic song. I was hoping for an original though.

@shinymcshine Thank you for writing what this post was intended for! I was looking for “Johhny Jag and the Jaggers” but nothing came up.

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Here’s from the creator of the site (Sean) describing what should be in “the Classifieds” section

“Looking for a band member? Or a room mate? Have a guitar for sale? Need to offload your extra gig ticket because your friend has let you down at the 11th hour? Putting on an event you want people to know about? Want to plug your latest stream or app or blog post? This is the place to do it.”

Here’s what’s supposed to be in “the Music” section

“This is your outpost online to talk with fellow fans about music of any genre or era. Whether you want to discuss the best bands from South Sudan or Southampton, this is the place for you. There are no real rules or restrictions, just be nice to each other.”

I don’t know about you but it would appear that moving it to the classifieds is not what the founder of this site is describing. I get it things could change, so maybe it’s very subjective to what’s allowed to be posted on MUSIC. I won’t be posting no topics because that’s clear BS.

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