Who is "the wind beneath your wings" in your life?

Tell us about them, don’t hold back!

(Oh yeah, and for the purposes of a good discussion, we all know that Shrewbs is the wind beneath our wings so let’s stick to non-Shrewbie content initially)


Paul Burrell

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What a tune.

My friend Mary is a good wind, quite rarely experienced, like one of those tropical ones that make their way over once in a while. I love her a lot and she’s a good egg but we don’t see each other as much as we should.

My other friend Sally was my birth partner so she is the wind beneath my womb.


Do you ever describe Mary as “Hurricane Mary” at all?

No, only Marypops or Babraham Lincoln.


I don’t have any wings?

Who is the wind beneath your arms?


I suppose when it’s windy, the wind is?

my arms are close to my body a lot, mind

Yeah, definitely.

If you could organise them into categories based on the strength of wind it would be good though. “X is the breeze beneath my wings” “Y is the gale beneath my winds” etc etc

No worries if not though :slight_smile:

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This bodes well for your chances of avoiding giving away a penalty for handball



I am playing football later today, so this is pretty reassuring

I wish there was a phrase to describe the way you’ve given me the confidence to play football later on, but I don’t believe there is

You could try: “You’re my armbands when I’m in the deep end” maybe?

that’s so poetic, I love it

I bet someone’s used it in a song or something, haha!!

Commander Aziz.

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Bette Midler, ironically enough! She’s a gem.

What a coincidence!

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Joe ‘Swashy’ Swash

Reckon Stacey Solomon ever says “I’m just going to let you swash over me” at all?