Who is the worst working journalist in the uk?


has to be nick cohen surely?






Already established.


freedland is pretty pish as well


Honoured you came out of hiding for this.


the guardian have quite a few turds actually.



Would say Paul Morley but I can’t think of anyone stupid enough to commission him




Kelvin MacKenzie


As awful as many of the Guardian numpties are, the worst has to be judged on their level of influence and rightwing shitbaggery, so it has to be either Dacre or Tony Gallagher.




nick cohen definitely qualifies for rightwing shitbaggery tho. his whole shtick is pretending to be on the left while despising absolutely everything to do with it. “people protesting about trump shouldn’t protest because they don’t protest about what’s happening in [wherever]”


James Dellingpole.


Ha, just came in here to say Delingpole.

Every single thing about him is objectively awful. Thing that gets me is how boring he is. Seriously. I mean at least someone like Rod Liddle can surprise with the odd turn of phrase on occasion. Delingpole just has nothing.


Yeah but no fucker ever reads him.

Like, the Guardian is the only newspaper site I ever visit (and even then only once a day) and I’m pretty sure I’ve never clicked on one of his pieces.

Compared to Dacre he’s nothing, no matter how grating his shit is.



Never forget.


Who is this?