Who is your fave

Roman Emperor???
For me, it’s Caracalla. Sure, he murdered his brother (bad) while they were co-emperoring (cute) and was considered a tyrant. BUT he built some good baths and gave full Roman citizenship to loads of Romans (for tax purposes, really).
Got stabbed to death while taking a piss.
Looked quite cool as well. Imagine him telling you off!

Tiberius, because he apparently hated being Emperor

You can see the profound disappointment in his eyes


Quite llke Antoninus Pius who died of a cheese overdose.



Yesterday at school i came in the class halfway when the teacher was teaching to help, and the kids had to write a letter to ceaser from the pov of pontius pilate but i didn’t know this name and was referring to him as conscious pilot and just thought the name was a religious thing, forgetting planes were not around then :sob: luckily nobody noticed

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For the question my first thought was him
things thanks GIF

So i did a bit of research and they all sound a bit shit, although pius seems like a good lad