Who is your favourite boating legend?



Don’t hear much about The Bermuda Triangle these days do you? Was a big deal when I were a lad…

Dennis Waterman

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Canoe man


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Tough call between Captain Birdseye and Popeye

Ben Ainslie

Charon has got to be the hardest working in the biz.


Your lack of footballing knowledge has cost you dear. (don’t call me dear)

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Ignorance is bliss.

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No love for the Flying Dutchman?

Rosie and/or Jim.

I see your Donald Crowhurst and raise you Ferdinand Magellan, who made it all the way around the world and was the first to do it.

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All the way round you say? Hmm, I’m going to need to see his logbook(s)…

One of my favourite Wiki articles (and ILikeTrains songs)