Who is your favourite music critic of all time?

God knows with me. At the moment I really rate the six people from the ChartMusicTOTP podcast, especially Neil Kulkarni and Taylor Parkes who have a winning combination of sardonic and sanguine wit, but there’s probably tons more I haven’t discovered as I don’t get round to reading half the music books I buy.

Simon Reynolds seems a great bunch o’ lad though, he isn’t too sensationalist and kind of writes about music like Attenborough talks about nature.


that bird that shat in the guy from Kings of Leon’s mouth


My mum.

‘What’s this?!’

‘Girl band’

‘Helluva racket, I like it!’


Don’t look at the names very often.

I like Simon Reynolds’ books though

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Steven Wells.

(although I’ve also got a lot of time for Peter Paphides, Alexis Petridis, Simon Price who wrote so many of the reviews from my “golden years”, and Laura Snapes more recently)


Whoever ran the Small Albums Twitter account

I don’t read an awful lot of music journalism nowadays, but I was always a big fan of Byron Coley.

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MC Tunes


sorry I don’t like any of them

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Never really been that bothered by individual music critics but I used to really like Laura Barton’s pieces on music in The Guardian (not really criticism as such).

I like Simon Reynolds but I know him through his books rather than his journalism.

I liked Mike Diver, formally of this parish.

Sam Sodomski is the only current writer I know the name of, and I’m guessing there’s a reason for that. He has good taste in music though.

I’m sure I’ve his name a bit wrong

It was great when magazines got pop stars in to do the singles reviews. Has there ever been a more plangent piece of music criticism than Mark E Smith writing ‘I am a twat’ on a picture of Elton John’s face?



Kitty Empire

Neil kulkarni’s been responsible for most of my new discoveries this year. Recommends alot of stuff on Twitter and fb, he does the hip hip column for dj mag as well. He’s a fellow cov lad too so i always want him to do well.

Wish Taylor Parkes did more writing these days, on the rare occasions he does something for the quietus he’s frighteningly good. Simon Price is another who’s writing i miss.

Always enjoy Simon Reynolds books. His glam rock book from a couple of years back was a joy.

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For those that are interested, the complete sentence at the end of the Verve review is “God help us if there’s a war”

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Of course it is.

His reviews are exceptionally readable, I always make sure I read his Friday album of the week review in The Guardian. It’s rarely an album which is up my street but his reviews are always very well researched and entertaining.

I know he’s a bit marmite but was a fan of Everett True’s writing (as long as he wasn’t banging on about him and Kurt being bezzies).


Cathi Usworth and Keith Cameron circa 1990 from the days when every Wednesday was like Christmas Day, grabbing all three music weeklies and spending the rest of the day pouring over all this great music I’d have the pleasure of discovering

Chris Ott is pretty good though a problematic fave for many reasons. His shallow rewards blog is good, and his YouTube videos are better. He was involved in pitchfork at the start but left around 2004 because he had a real job.