Who knows nothing about the actual music of music?

I know loads of you people make and do music amazingly, which is great, and I can’t hold a candle to that and I’m jealous.


Music is my number one passion (apart from my kids, maybe) and has been since I was 15 (before I had kids, to be clear) but I can’t play an instrument, can’t distinguish a chord change from a key change, don’t know why Lars or Ringo are particularly bad drummers, can just about spot a change from a major to a minor key.

But I love music. Anyone in the same boat?

(I also love films but couldn’t direct one (although can see when they’re badly directed so I can wank on about it in the pub) and can criticise art albeit I haven’t painted for 20 years. And don’t get me started on architecture)

Is my love of music invalidated by my not knowing the basics of it?

No. I think.

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In seriousness, i agree. My technical knowledge is v lacking even though I actually make music (and generally love doing so)

That’s the best of both worlds. I’m listenig to Autechre and loving it, knowing my few “proper music” mates would be screwing their faces up.

oh i havent got a clue about it at all

When I was at school me and all my music loving friends all learned instruments as it just seemed like a natural step. Then my best friend at uni who was really into great music (often much cooler music than a lot of my other friends) had never picked up an instrument in his life. I found it a bit strange at first but I suppose it depends on what the rest of your peer group are up to at that age. My school/town just happened to be full of guitarists and bands.

Was frustrating though cos me and him could have formed an absolutely great band.

Just remembered the time we got into an incredibly heated argument though over whether a song that came on in the pub had slap bass in it or not (IT DIDN’T)

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I love barely competent garage bands just as much as I like fully professional sounding bands so I don’t think it really matters.

What song was it?

Haven’t a scooby about playing any instruments

“I don’t know how music works but I love listening to it” is very much my jam as well.

My question is:

Are you not intrigued to learn about the theory so you know why you’re enjoying what you’re listening to/do you not want to be able to recreate it? Or do you enjoy the mystery of it all?

No judgement, just interested to know. I learned to play instruments and studied theory because I wanted to know how to make the music myself, write music, and know why key changes etc made me feel all funny.

Most definitely not


Yeah I make stuff but I don’t know shit - I’ve probably picked up a bit of knowledge along the way, but mostly ignorant. Do t think you really need any knowledge of the building blocks to appreciate the final outcome tho.

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Sounds like a lot of work

The flip of this is people who are really into making music, and gear, but not really into letting loose to the music itself. If that makes sense?

I have met plenty of talented musicians, who just aren’t really into music.

I guess that is how bad music gets made.

sometimes I go through phases of just finding all music really boring. Maybe it’s part of getting old

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I never feel that - always something else to love out there somewhere. My tastes have definitely gotten wider and wider as I’ve got older.

never have days where you would rather put on a podcast?

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Yes, I never felt encouraged to learn about music at school or learn an instrument. I know absolutely nothing, no understanding of any terminology or anything. Barely even know what a chorus is I’m that thick.

To be honest I’d rather not know, as that would be like ruining the whole magic of it.