Who knows what you earn?

Been noticing people talking about what they earn a lot recently IRL. Seems to have become an accepted part of modern life - folk casually throwing numbers around to justify what they do or whether they enjoy their job. Used to be something you kept under your hat, no?

Outside of, y’know, your boss, work’s payroll, colleagues on a similar paygrade or other work-related stuff like interviews, etc, who knows what you earn and how does it come up?

  • I can only really go off my last job, but i probably told my parents about payrises, just to give them a vague sense that i was making progress in some trivial way. Not that they’d judge, but idk, i think you do look for the odd bit of validation even as you get older.

  • Mentioned it in passing privately to a mate who was getting himself down about what he earned, just in a ‘well, i earn less…’ sense to try to provide a bit of perspective.

  • Obviously your partner would have a rough idea at worst as you’d need to budget for stuff.

Any other scenarios? I probably know what virtually everybody i know earns. Maybe i’m too nosey, maybe they overshare, not judging anyway. Perhaps it’s just something i’m noticing more because of…stuff.

No squabbling, please.

Never really been that sure why it’s considered so taboo traditionally really but at the same time, can’t really think of all that many people who know what I earn beyond my partner, same-grade colleagues and boss.


Wor Lass
Mortgage advisor
Anyone who’s seen a job advert for an unpromoted college lecturer in Scotland (and knows what salary point I’m on.)


So same grade colleagues earn the same at your place? My grade has a good 20k variation.

(and I think only my wife knows)

I think so, roughly anyway with small discrepancies based on length of time I guess

My wife, the client, and my immediate superiors, I guess?

Senior people at work. Missus and parents. Mortgage advisor.

My bf and I only found out what each other earns at the mortgage meeting 2 weeks ago. We both had a rough idea but never really spoke about it. There wasn’t/isn’t any need to?

Anyone really. Uni pay scales are published on the internet, anyone who knows my pay band and how long I’ve been there could work it out to the penny.

Got no issues with people knowing how much I earn. Transparency is a good thing especially with regards to gender imbalance.


Ooooft. Good point.

It does exclusively seem to be a male trait - boasting about your salary.

This thread has made me realise i don’t know what I earn. I know how much money I usually get per month, but I couldn’t tell you what my annual salary is with any confidence.

Mum’s got a rough idea

Don’t think I’ve explicitly told anyone else, but I’d probably say if someone asked. I’ve not thought it through, but I’m largely in favour of just making everyone’s taxes a matter of public record, which would make everyone’s salary’s public anyway.


I only know what mine is thanks to having to fill it in for a fuckload of housing forms recently. Wouldn’t have had a clue beforehand.

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I have no idea how that is possible. To not at least know your basic.

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I’d agree with that.

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I think everyone should know everyone’s wage. I suggested this at work and everyone was up in arms. £8.20 p/h


I know how much goes into my account each month by checking my bank balance, I basically never look at payslips and, frankly, it’s only the advent of mobile banking that’s got me into the habit of regularly checking my balance. going to withdraw cash to find that I had none was a regular occurrence for me back in the day. I am an idiot though.

Girlfriend, parents, mortgage adviser, anyone who’s asked me, not sure anyone has though.

Most people probably, it’s quite easy when you earn £0 per hour.