Who’s getting a takeaway tonight?

Tell me your thoughts

I’m not.

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I’m not, it’s picky tea night.

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I might go and get a chicken wrap thing from the Kurdish place.

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Yeah, probably

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Good thinking

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Might get lunch delivered soon though!

Stinky subway?

No. Having a Chinese tomorrow though.


  • yes
  • no
  • TBC

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I want to but I shouldn’t but I want to. Sadly all the decent Pizza takeaways have gone back to collection only so it might be Curry or nowt.

Probably not, had a curry on Wednesday and the shopping is being delivered


but what!?


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Going out with the fam for pizza


might cash in my free nandos tonight, might do it tomorrow. still undecided.

The future is pregnant with the possibility of takeaway.

it probably won’t be a takeaway but it might be takeaway adjacent, like gyoza and some noodles or something from waitty rosingtons

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