Who’s got one of these in their home?

A Tupperware Orange peeler…

  • Yes
  • No but I’ve seen one before
  • No. Never seen one in my life

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Why would anyone need such a thing? It’s like those Tupperware containers for individual bananas

Admittedly I’ve got a mushroom brush, so I can hardly criticise.


It’s lovely, really nice yellow.
But is it not just a crochet hook?


How do you use it?!

You drag it down the orange and it scores the peel but it doesn’t go into the fruit. You do this from stalk to bottom in 4 places then just peel it off easily with your fingers. It’s really good. I bite my nails so really makes the job easier.


I honestly thought they were more common than that!?

is it like a knife


It’s not sharp

That sounds good. I’ve got a Cherry stoner. Works nicely on olives too and very small plums. Very handy.


Does it work on satsumas?

Yes but if it’s an ‘easy peeler’ no need. But you know those deep orange coloured clementines you get at Christmas with the really thin skin? They work like a dream. It also works on Grapefruit really well.

I’m interested. I tend to buy easy peelers but never find they’re easily peeled.

My one useful skill is peeling satsumas in one long spiral.




Had one but haven’t seen it for years. Useful implement but not quite as useful as my egg slicer, which I love.

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My parents still have one. It was really useful as a kid when you couldn’t be trusted with a knife, and when oranges weren’t as ‘easy-peel’ as they are today.

My mum used to be a Tupperware Lady, so we ended up with loads of the stuff in the house.

Can we post our own things in here?

Who else has a device to pierce a hole in egg shells before you boil them?

  • Of course
  • The shells of my boiled eggs are cracked

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I had no idea this was a thing that a) existed, b) needed doing until RIGHT NOW.


my old housemate used to have a pan which only fit one egg

used to show it to people who came round to laugh at it, it was shit