Who Say Reload? (A Metallica thread)

When asked “What is your favourite Metallica album?”

  • I Say Reload
  • I say a different album of theirs
  • I say that I don’t like them
  • I say that I don’t know them
  • I say nothing at all
  • I change the subject
  • I walk away

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N.B. This is NOT a Metallica thread. It should receive 0 replies and slowly disappear. For the love of god do not use this thread to talk about Metallica.

Too late , time to put St Anger on

Reload should be recognised as the most important Metallica album because of how frequently and enthusiastically James Hetfield goes “HUH.”


What would Oxide and Neutrino say if you asked them this question?

I’d imagine they’d be bound to go for the bound to go for the bound to go for Reload