who sends you the most emails

i get TWO emails from planet x every day

give it a rest mates

Probably Krasimir

Labour Party.

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oh let the sun beat down upon my face

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Guitar Tricks since I stopped paying them but I’ve just unsubscribed so I dunno.


it’s weird when you buy something like glasses and the glasses folk then spam you with loads of adverts for glasses

like, how many pairs of glasses do they expect folk to buy?

Same with Guitar Tricks. I can do an ollie now, what more do they think I need from them


Tell 'em to cram a flute in it

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Bitbucket. Dozens every weekday.

Uni (automated, useless) or Labour (same)

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Don’t be. I enjoyed it.

Sports Direct
Purple Bricks

All the greats

Massively improved my life when I went on an unsubscribing spree. shame you can’t do the same at work.

The trick is to have a separate email account that you use for commercial purposes.


are purple bricks named after dog’s willies? (purple pricks)


Strava are always gnashing my ear off. Don’t need these emails pal, you just told me through the app.

Jack’s Flight Club, 13 for the year so far which is pretty ambitious when each one is encouraging me to spend £500+

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