who sends you the most emails

oh yeah that dude is pretty relentless


no thanks jack

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Oi Polloi

:smiley::smiley::smiley: absolutely done.

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Fucking ClearScore

Cant wait til we’re free from the shackles of silly EU GDPR and every Tom Dick & Harry starts emailing me nonsense garbage.

I get an insane amount of junkmail all about how Jim Davidson used bitcoin to claw his way back from bankruptcy.

I do not know if it’s noted racist Jim Davidson or some other guy because there’s no way I’m opening it.

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Yeezy sends me the most emails.

Yeah, a lady called Betty Traynor emails me about bitcoin and crypto currency so often that I have added her name to the blocked list.

I have no idea if she’s a real person.

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She’s probably pals with Jim.

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Megan’s mam.

Here you go, 3 in ten minutes.

Fuckin IT Service desk

You signed up to a Gogglemail email account, didn’t you?

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Myself, it’s how I live.

Just got about 7 separate ones from @anon5266188 :roll_eyes:

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Don’t flatter yourself, dickhead

Shouldn’t be putting so many bugs into your code then, should you?