Who tends to be the most tardy at replying to emails? (Broad brush thread)

I’ll start the bidding with me followed by academics. Nice people in the face of enthusiasm (sure haven’t I thought about becoming one myself) but often take ages to get back to you (which can be fine because I don’t always want them to get back to me).

Letting Agents

it’s more malevolent when they do it though, like they’ll get back to you if they want to

dunno but I got a great out of office email from someone fairly senior in the scottish govt today just saying “on leave”. No grammar, punctuation or further information about returning dates or urgent contacts. the greatest possible way of saying “fuck off I’m important and I’m on holiday”

Senior Management when you want something from them. (Obvs not when they want something from you - can’t get thems fired off quickly enough can they?!)

To be fair it could also mean “I hate my job and I’m on holiday” or “I hate my boss and I’m on holiday”.

The council.


DiS FC players

People without access to the internet

we can’t both be the most tardy

they probably don’t have an email address though