Who the fuck are your pets? (rolling)



separate thread :heart_eyes_cat:

Dissers who aren't actually dissers
It's thursday


we have about 5 cats just randomly chilling out in the garden all the time. This is one of them.


I made mine look quite ugly in the other thread and he got mad at me so here are some pretty ones :kissing_cat:


Staring thoughtfully into the middle-distance:





Here’s a variety of poses. Fucking poser.


my boy is an angel, who likes cuddles, bouncing in long grass, crime documentaries, eating everything (but lettuce) and hates having his nails cut.

What breed of dog do you own?
Dog thread 🐾🐶🐕🐾

fucking squashed me pictures


this is a marvellous canine


I love your cat <3


Thank you Gonad!


I don’t have any pets. What’s the point in supporting another life form that isn’t me?


To counteract murder corridor pics, here’s my cat!


this was my bff (best feline friend) til i moved out last week :cry:

bye little edward :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:




that last one is funny haha


Not technically mine but he spends almost as much time here as he does at home. He’ll come when I call him and lets me play with his paws <3



This is my cat. His name is Moog.