Who wants to do a filth

Could go a bit of filth to be honest.

2 weeks 1 day to go

:crossed_fingers: :eggplant:

  • I want to do a filth
  • I don’t want to do a filth
  • I could go either way (so to speak)

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Oh boy, do I. Which is the first time in so long I’ve been bothered. Not going to happen until like late July though :sob:

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Could def bonk.

Did this at the weekend but doing it again.

Sex stuff with feet

  • Have done - enjoyed
  • Have done - did not
  • Haven’t done - would like to
  • Haven’t done - don’t want to

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I’d love to do a filth, but I’m so knackered in the evenings these days

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Standard repost time: my pal had to end a relationship because their sex life had devolved into him asking her to wear various different socks while he wanked onto her feet. She was not into foot stuff in the first place.



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I’m a bit concerned that my flirting will be completely out of control this summer. I’m already a bit too flirty with my older man crush who isn’t single and the thought of teasing him with hot girl summer vibes after a year+ of being cooped up?? Absolutely exhilarating.

There’s also something about how extremely cautious (/overcautious) some people will continue to be even post-vaccination that will make any kind of hooking up feel a bit taboo into the summer, and unfortunately that’s just making it even hotter.

I’ve not really done sex stuff but my friend gave me a foot massage and made out with my feet years ago when I was sad. It was ok and kind of enjoyable but not in the slightest bit arousing/erotic

It’s not really my jam but it wasn’t unpleasant. My wife loves her feet to be massaged/ rubbed, which I would file under non-sexual but intimate.

That’s lucky, gives you the option to use either one


Have enjoyed a foot job as much as any hand job ive had. Not as good as full sex, better than no sex.

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Oh on that note, my ex used to squeeze my feet like a bit of a foot rub whilst going down on me and that was lush. But I wouldn’t say it was foot stuff just me demanding ultimate attention

What a combo

Also the last time I had sex the person I was having sex with used a load of coconut oil for foreplay stuff and it was amazing. Never done it before. What an idiot.


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Christ I feel awkward enough being fellated, never mind that!

Quite like doing that for leverage sometimes in sex, holding/squeezing rather than massaging.

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Keep reading foot as food so had better have my dinner

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Probably had the best sex I’ve ever had in the past 4 or 5 years. Would recommend getting old