Who was closest to japes at 4pm on Saturday?

I don’t mean figuratively, emotionally, spiritually. I mean to his locale in hardcore feet and inches (or bushels and chains, whichever is your measurement of choice).

I was in Earlham Park, Norwich. Which is the closest so far.

52.6255° N, 1.2340° E

There’s a prize of course, boy oh boy is there a prize.

While you’re working it out, please enjoy this picture of @japes in a ball pool.


Is this a shit riddle?

No, it’s a shit competition.

I’ve got a shit riddle if you want though.

NO thank you


do you want me to tell you where I was?

Not here, you bloody idiot.

I was just south of Glasgow on my drive home from holibobs.

One you have written yourself, or one that Jen has photographed?

It was my own gorgeous work.

I was at my flat located within a triangulated section between Upper Holloway, Tufnell Park and Holloway Road stations

You might be in with a shout, then.

Your japesimity was probably higher (or lower, I’m not sure about how this works yet) than mine.

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I was somewhere in south Glasgow - what’s the prize if we win?

The ball pool, assuming japes is happy to let it go.

Anfield, Liverpool.

On Leith Walk in Edinburgh.

I’m fairly confident that the word japesimity will take off.

noun: a person’s or thing’s proximity to popular Drowned in Sound user japes

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In a small Japanese supermarket, just north of Golders Green.

That is quite a large triangle, friend.

YOU’RE quite a large triangle!