Who was the first person

You were drawn to in your job.

Not who you made good friends with necessarily but who you’d not feel self conscious talking to when you were a new starter, and why?

Middle aged woman for me mostly as a rule. In my first proper job it was the first person who offered to make me a cup of tea. Current job it’s a young man who I saw read a book when the internet went down one afternoon.

Bonus question: how approachable and kind are you to new starters?



i used to be the person who trained newbies on the main system we use so i quite enjoyed being a sort of first point of contact for any questions they had. ive always had people i already know in this organisation who already work there which is quite lucky. this dept is great tho, been really fortunate that there’s quite a few people with really similar interests and tastes an tha. it’s dead nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Still my best mate 14yrs later. Starting chatting to him about something on the stand up tills on my first proper shift. Great bloke.

Like to think I’m very open and approachable to all my staff. If you’re not, it makes it a less fun place to work. Plus, I hope it’s a reflection of my personality

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The Welsh one.

I go out of my way to be nice to and help the new starters because people were pretty good to me, and I’ve been in the situation where nobody helps you out when you’re new and it’s fucking horrible.

Good question. My current team were rubbish at welcoming me into the team - it took years before I’d get invited to team drinks etc. Someone actually actively objected to me even being on the staff structure chart. Felt like a proper outsider.

So the first person was my boss, who has always been incredibly accommodating. And yeah there were a couple of middle aged ladies who were relatively friendly.

And I try to be friendly and welcoming to new starters though it’s not my strongest hand.

Yeah, you’re a good person to meet for the first time

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This fella:



Probably Jamie, he’d started about 6 weeks before me so knew what it was like starting on the programme. He was a bit of a LAD though and occasionally overstepped the mark in terms of what was acceptable. He works in another department now and if we see eachother in the ‘Street’ at the office, we’ll catch up for 5 or 10 minutes. Most folk in the team are pretty approachable though and good to new starters.

I suspect I might come across as a bit aloof at times, unintentionally, so I go out of my way to make sure that any new starter - particularly those I’m managing - are doing okay and have all the support they need. Often this will be just wandering over to their desk and checking they’re alright on a daily basis, making sure they’re included on any team social emails, offering to walk up the road to the pub with them and such like. I do always bend over backwards to ensure that any way I can smooth their work / life balance gets through without any issues - flexible working hours, doctors appointments, annual leave, being around for deliveries - making sure they get what they need when they need it to remove that level of stress from their lives.


I definitely come across as aloof I reckon, from shyness not actual aloofness. I keep trying to go out of my way to show people I’m friendly but as soon as I start chatting my brain is screaming at me “just shut up, you sound like an idiot”. But I guess because most people know I also do a public speaking freelance job they must assume I’m confident and just cba talking to them.

It would be much easier if I was always a little bit tipsy.

Same - it’s always borne out of a little social anxiety and shyness for me too. If there wasn’t zero tolerance on alcohol at work, I’d happily neck a miniature before meeting new folk and make things easier.

I’d like people to know that @anon5266188 has been incredibly kind to me since I started working with him. A very approachable and lovely, lovely man indeed. Always willing to help me with work related questions, and always willing to humour me when I send him work related banana conspiracy theories.


you were the first DiSer i met so so are you!

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This doesn’t come as a surprise, but is heart-warming to hear


This is very kind of you to say considering that I sometimes say “fuck off” and “shut up” to you on our internal messaging system x


she’s reading over your shoulder isn’t she


Honest question, right. How do you two get away with being on here all day? Do they know?

Actually this question goes for everyone, including me.

There’s necessarily a lot of waiting in the job quite often. Waiting for the game to process or to sync to latest code or to holiday through to a certain stage of the season etc. It almost certainly doesn’t seem like it but I’m very rarely posting here when there is stuff I actively can or should be doing.

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Man alive I want your job

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I joined after a restructure on day 1 of the new structure so everything was pretty chaotic. Half of my team had been moved from another department and the other half hadn’t been appointed. I think I probably felt most comfortable around the one of them who’d only joined a few months before.

I felt really bad about the next person who joined because he turned up a week early (agreed to start after his paternity leave but forgot to tell the team manager that the baby had come a week early). The team manager didn’t really introduce him and he’s a bit of an introvert so he got totally ignored until his own manager started and it became clear that we were all going to be working together quite closely and we probably should have been inviting this guy to lunch.

(In summary apparently I’m not very welcoming to new starters)