Who was the first person


Man alive I want your job


I joined after a restructure on day 1 of the new structure so everything was pretty chaotic. Half of my team had been moved from another department and the other half hadn’t been appointed. I think I probably felt most comfortable around the one of them who’d only joined a few months before.

I felt really bad about the next person who joined because he turned up a week early (agreed to start after his paternity leave but forgot to tell the team manager that the baby had come a week early). The team manager didn’t really introduce him and he’s a bit of an introvert so he got totally ignored until his own manager started and it became clear that we were all going to be working together quite closely and we probably should have been inviting this guy to lunch.

(In summary apparently I’m not very welcoming to new starters)


We should do a ‘first disser you met’ thread


Mark and Erin - we became a scooby gang for the modern call centre environment. They both left and we haven’t stayed in touch.

I think I’m good to new people, I try to be.



(Not sure actually. Think it was @captainricebox )


Literally no idea. I have no memory whatsoever for that sort of stuff.


First person is really tough because I was quickly allowed to hire someone to join my team and after that it was them.

The whole office here when I first joined was a group of young women (18-23) and then an office manager and regional director who were both middle aged. Kept myself to myself really until people reached out to me (will tie in to bonus question) but there were a few that did early on who I connected with quite quickly just hard to pin point any single one.

Bonus Question: I think I’m generally very affable, approachable and open once I start talking to someone, to the point where some other senior team members have gotten their noses out of joint when their team members have come to me to assist them with problems. On the other hand I’m probably too up front/honest for my own good at times?

That said on a bad day or when I’m feeling introverted I can come across as pretty cold.


Ok I’m going to make the thread. Just make something up of you can’t remember


You can say it was me if you want, I’ll go along with the lie.


it could have been, we met at Truck, right? so there could have been any number of us DiSers you met first. Although we should have met sooner, I remember alc**k and I had been wandering around Woolfire earlier in the year trying to find you, can’t remember if you’d ended up going to that or not?


Yeah, Truck! (DISCOSHED!) Still got loads of Polaroids from it in a box at home, but think you and Sophia were the two I said hello to first. And then we all got very drunk for three days.


very very drunk. I have vague memories of filling a two person pop-up tent with many more than two people and snogging, or perhaps more accurately, being snogged by @olegrich

that shed though!


“I just, err… “met…” a boy who said he was in Foals!” :rofl:


was that that guy you were with? i can’t remember what was going on.


Not guilty! :rofl:

DISCOSHED WITH @shucks :rofl: :rofl: