Who was your favourite character in the British romantic sitcom

‘As Time Goes By’, that first aired in 1992 and ran for 10 series, written by Bob Larbey?

For me, I would have to say the character ‘Lionel’

Was just going to make this exact thread myself



Id have to say

  • Mrs. Bale (Janet Henfrey) – The Hardcastles’ eccentric, very precise country home housekeeper. Interested in the shipping forecast and Australian Rules Football. She enjoys riding her motorbike and looking after the Hardcastles.

Was a masterstoke to use 19 as the theme song.

I always liked it when Geoffrey Palmer would go into the kitchen and have a custard tart. He was my favourite character.

My granny liked the smarmy agent man, she once did an impression of him saying “Oh Liiii!”, it remains the only impression I’ve ever seen her do.