Who watched the World War 1 in colour thing then?

Thought it was amazing

It was very good. A genuine ‘wow’ moment when the colour/sound kicks in. Also found the battlefield effects, explosions etc were superbly realised.
Would recommend

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Was it on telly?

Yep BBC I think

Still on th’iPlayer

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And very rare. There was something wonderful about the way the soldiers played up and mugged for the camera. Probably never seen one before

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Fill yer boots folks. Ends 23:05 tomorrow

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have watched previous attempts at colourisation of WW1 combat footage. too harrowing, don’t know if i can do this.

Parents watched it the other night but I went upstairs, I just couldn’t face seeing what they went through.

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I’m sure that watching tv can’t be that bad


No, someone spoilt the ending for me annoyingly