Who wears an eye mask when they go to sleep

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hi barls I just close my eyes as it’s dark there. hope this helps :+1:


I know but maybe an eye mask is another pointless thing I can buy that I don’t need and then not use it


Maybe sometimes when you wake up too early it’s due to the light. So an eye mask would stop that.

if its not pitch black, then me. can’t stand even a bit of light.

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I do when I’m alone. I dont need it for the light blocking out, more for a comfort thing like the sensation of my eyes being…hugged :sweat_smile:

That said, when i don’t use it there are times when i start thinking “are my eyes even closed?” and sometimes i think they are. And they’re not!

(When I’m alone i also sleep with a travel neck pillow as well as normal pillows. And a knee pillow. And my bedtime podcasts. Good grief)


We have one lying around and I’ve used it unsuccessfully a few times due to it hurting near my ears and my nose being too big. But one time I woke up with it still on and felt more refreshed than usual. So maybe I need one.

things I can never do:

sleep naked
wear earplugs to sleep
sleep with any source of light on. i have to switch my work laptop off at the socket because there’s a light on the charger that doesn’t turn off even if I unplug it from the device.

Flat ones arent as good as ones that have contouring to them imo. So you might need to try one like that.

I have this one


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Yeah the only one I’ve used is flat


I tried one like this but it would get pushed into the wrong position if I laid on my side

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I used to wear one for a while (a flat one) but it didn’t seem to make very much difference. I think the advantage of darkness was cancelled out by the disadvantage of having something on my face

Yeah it does do that for me too but i dont mind too much
I’m always tempted by this silly one…

If it was silk or similar I’d be all over it, but i love the feeling of it whereas it seems like you hate that bit.

Think it was mostly the management of it that I found annoying, I’m very particular about sleeping position so it’s a distraction to have more things to adjust into exactly the right place. I don’t think I’d like the one in the picture as I wouldn’t want any pressure on my eyes. Think I’d prefer just to have a dark bedroom, might get blackout curtains or at least well lined ones when I move house

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When I’m sleeping on my back i usually stick my arm over my eyes with them in the crook of my elbow, if that makes sense. Think it is more the feeling than the darkness, i crave though.

Leads to a cold arm a lot though.

Yeah I always do that as well

ACTUALLY this has made me realise I don’t think I like being seen asleep, like I need to cover up my naked closed eyes. That’s it!!!11111111


I can’t get on with them. Wish i could but they’re so uncomfortable. Make my eyes sweaty.

Yeah it’s a nice reassuring pressure on the eyes sometimes

Rarely use them these days but sometimes that pressure helps me settle to sleep if I’m having a hard time drifting off

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*rushes into the thread*



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