Who wears short shorts?

Have you worn shorts for non-sporting purposes yet this year?

  • Yes.
  • Yes, but not in the way that is within the spirit of this thread.
  • No.

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To clarify: My jimjams lower half are shorts.

Reckon I’ll pretty much live in shorts whilst in or around the house from now until September.

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what are short shorts exactly?

I postulate that they are hot pants specifically, but could also refer to 80s style athletic shorts.

Once you’ve seen them once, you’ll know and you’ll never be able to forget.


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I have some but only used them for exercising in my room so far

What? That’s awful! @japes what a meanie!

I’m sure they look great!

Show me and I will say honestly.

Oh come on, that’s just silly, you have a very sophisticated sense of fashion. There, I said it. I’m sure if I saw those shorts, my immediate reaction would be “Wow, that is a good pair of shorts on a good man”.

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I wear my lounge shorts all year

Have you ever owned a leisure suit?

i was doing him a kindness

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have shorts on now, alas they are not short shorts though

Got my nu metal shorts on right now.


Wearing shorts right now. One good thing about lockdown / wfh is that there’s no need to wear office friendly attire.

Pocket count?

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  • More than 10 (liar)

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Are you OK?

You’re asking the wrong question. Tassel count.