Who will say "maelstrom" in a conversation first today?


I reckon @andyvine has already said it but let’s start this now.

Just blurting out ‘maelstrom’ is obviously a dick move. It needs to be relevant.

Everyone’s talking about Meghan closing a car door here at the moment but as soon as there’s a lull I’m going to start a conversation about favourite whirlpools.

I’m confident that I can win this.


Up there with the best words


It is a word that strongly reminds me of that Scottish pirate metal band


Marckee. Always Marckee.


Had to google this.

Didn’t click on the links. Am I missing out?


Gonna use it in the next five mins




Listening now.

Where can I purchase their entire discography, tshirts and gig tickets?


as you know i have to try to limit my usage of the word “maelstrom”


my cousins a big fan, but then he’s also a big fan of metal and ale and pretending to be a pirate