Who Would Be In Your Fantasy Band?


What would be the perfect line up for your perfect band?

The only caveat is that every one of their songs will be remixed by Fatboy Slim and the remixes will be the only versions of the songs anyone is ever allowed to hear.




Ed Sheeran and Marilyn Manson. Think it would be fun to see them interact and I reckon yer Norman Cook would pull the results into something unrelated but listenable.


I’d like to do one of those youtube videos with me playing all the parts in a song with split screen of multuple mes playing banjo, guitar and double bass and doing harmonies with myself and stuff but I don’t know how to make it.


Save on paying out an extra royalty share and just buy his loop pedal


Three vocalists - Limahl and the Cheeky Girls. Steve Vai on lead guitar, Mark King from Level 42 on bass, Phil Selway on drums and Guru Josh on keys (R.I.P)


Imagine being asked what the best band line up of all time would be and responding “multiple versions of me”




Fake Paul McCartney on bass
Fake Rivers Cuomo on vocals
Fake Dave Grohl on drums
Fake Tori Amos on piano


congrats @saps


Pretty out there, but probably Matt Berninger on vocals with Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood Ed O’Brien and Philip Selway backing him up.


Sorry, I have no idea what an @saps is. Is this some lame social board injoke?

OFFICIAL thread for cataloguing when people done other people there 2.0: The Bloodening

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The Lous

Lou Reed : guitar/voice
Lou Barlow : bass
Lou Ferrigno : drums


Probably 30 clones of @smee
We would be called The Polyphonic @Smee


Me, smee, flea and guy (picciotto)


The Lousers


King Arthur or some shit


duff mckagen, chaz not dave, and gwen stefani’s uncomfortably racist old entourage of japanese backup dancers


That’s either a lot of banjos or a big backup gospel choir of smees