Who would be the richest


if you sold everything you can touch from where you are sitting right now

reckon I could clear £650

THIS IS NOT HOW MUCH YOU PAID FOR THESE THINGS but how much you could sell them for


cock joke


Reckon I could rack up somewhere approaching £3500


Depends. How much are you willing to pay me for a nearly empty bottle of 7up free?


if i didn’t know you were of upstanding character, I’d say you were talking shite


how much is nearly


I reckon £750:

PC and monitor on my desk plus all the shit plugged into it = £200
almost new bike computer = £200
bike shoes = £50
bike kit + backpack = £100
my phone = £150?
all the other shit lying around you can have for £50 (mugs, stationary, some boring books)


from where i’m sitting I could clear £600


Also I don’t really know what the going rate for industrial espionage is, but I reckon there are some trade secrets within reach that are worth well more than £650 to the right buyer.


Probably get £800 or so for the laptop. work and personal mobiles, landline, clothes etc. would probably get me to about £1,100


If I can sell my colleague’s expensive bike that’s leaning up behind me, then maybe £2,000?


I’ll be honest with you, it’s mostly backwash at this point.


you could sell some well worn (presumably) bike shoes for £50?



^knows how to haggle


Reckon it was conservative tbh

27" iMac - £1000
15" MacBook Pro (new) - £1200
Bloke sat next to me’s PC - £500
Brand new OnePlus 3T phone- £200
Nintendo Switch in my bag - £250


Think of a different kind of buyer.



let’s say £20

also forgot my desk phone, reckon that’d be at least £30 so let’s call it even


you have to be able to touch it from where you are now (no scooting)


Yeah, I can.


Train carriage: probably £10,000? No idea
The person behind me: looks reliable. Could sell him for £250,000 easily
My own personal possessions, clothes, work phone: £200 maximum