Who would you like to see on the bank notes?




There’s a new fiver today. Did you see one yet?

  • Yes
  • No

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Churchill is on the new £5. Austen will be on the new £10 from next Summer. JMW Turner will be on the new £20 from 2020.

BUT who should be on the next new note? Brexit? Balonz? (Can someone please photoshop a Balonz balloon on a note?)


Serena Williams


Paul Danan.


Sir Bradley Wiggins


Dean Gaffney & Wellard



John Cooper Clarke



Fucking hell, did the Bank of England hire a web designer who retired 15 years ago? What is that shit?


And to answer the question:

  • someone not white
  • someone not male

But it seems we’ve gone with a white, male colonialist relic this time round. Great work, guys.



Is that you dissociating yourself from your own work?


I’m Theo and I don’t like change.

Grow up, pal.


I feel like you need to work on this one a bit more.




Has there ever been a still alive person on a bank note before?



The Queen


Got to be. Either him, or Jason Statham.

Proper sterling, proper notes.


I don’t believe so. There have been women before. I’m sure there are dead non-white Britons we could put on there, though.

When the sad day comes that Floella Benjamin passes on I hope to see her on a bank note.