Who would you pick for your ultimate DiS pub quiz team?



Team size MAXIMUM SIX PEOPLE and one of them HAS to be @flejoncour


i’m reigning ‘English Night’ quiz champion 2017/18 in a provincial Spanish city where most of the people don’t speak English very well, so I’m a shoe in.


Wouldn’t need any of you pricks


Leaving out myself and @flejoncour I would pick the following:




i would not pick another two as six people on a quiz team is reprehensible behaviour.


So just you and @flejoncour ?


Yeah, he watches the soaps, right?


Don’t really know much about them, if I’m honest


Teacher’s pet, innit:



Only my dearest dissers


Team size MAXIMUM SIX PEOPLE, so to fit yourself and @flejoncour in, you’ll need to cut two of those.


I’d rather die than lose any of them


Death it is


I pick:



Quiz Twats


@flejoncour and @banks



@discobot fortune will we win?


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


@discobot fortune are you actually accurate?


:crystal_ball: Yes


@discobot fortune I shouldn’t do pub quizzes