Who would you say your parents favorite musical artist/band is?

Dad: Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Abdullah Ibrahim , all the dead Russian composers

Mum: Idlewild, Neil Young, The National, Leonard Cohen


Mum: Bruce Springsteen, BlackBerry Smoke, PoliceDog Hogan, Clapton, Jethro Tull.

Dad: Bruce, Blues stuff like John Lee Hooker, Tracy Chapman, Stones, Muddy Waters


Mum: Rod Stewart, The Eagles
Dad: Andre fucking Rieu, Josef Locke

Mum: Cliff, The Beatles
Dad: Free, early Genesis, Led Zeppelin

I’m so jealous. The one and only time I ever asked for some music from my parents for a birthday present my dad made such a song and dance about it.

“I went into Our Price and I asked this man behind the counter if they had this tape you wanted by the “lemon heads” and I told him that it was a stupid name and you’d probably just made it up because why on earth would any sane person name their band the “lemon heads”? But he told me that actually you were right and they did exist and he sold me the tape and didn’t seem at all shocked at how ridiculous the name was!”

Yeah thanks dad.


Mum: the Four Tops, Bay City Rollers, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton, Queen, Elvis, David Cassidy

Stepdad: Blondie, Queen, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Abba, U2

My parents absolutely love music, but they’re more about genres, singles and compilations than following specific artists really.


they both like ELO, Bowie, Queen, the Beatles. my mam likes the Osmonds and pop music and northern soul generally, my dad likes ABBA and Enya and like christian rock

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Dad: Beatles, Floyd, Sabbath, Stones, AC/DC, lots of classical
Mum: Beatles, Joni Mitchell, all of the above but more recently shares my love of Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Spoon, Wilco

God my mum’s cool

@NeilYoung she is also a big Neil Young fan naturally


papa: Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Neil Young etc

mam: Bowie, Radiohead, Joni Mitchell etc

my dad has to put up with my music a lot with work so he’s really into tropical fuck storm atm and we’re going seeing yo la tengo and hawkwind in the next week or two


parents love Neil Young


Dad: Gustav Mahler
Mum: this guy I think


Dad was only into classical, not sure he had a favourite but he loved Handel’s Messiah.

Mum wasn’t really into music at all, so probably John Denver or James Galway.

Dad: John Denver or Kris Kristofferson
Mum: GG Allin


And Pink Floyd

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Most mums love the Murder Junkies!

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Mum: Prince, Madonna, Annie Lennox
Dad: Queen, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones

Their record collection (before they separated, I think my mum has it all now) also featured shitloads of Genesis, Sabbath, Floyd, the Bermuda Triangle Tomita record (one of my childhood faves that I completely forgot about and thought I’d ‘discovered’ independently about 20 years later), and Sky, yet they maintain they were not stoners. Haha, yeah, okay guys.

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My parents like musicals and stuff like that, however i can narrow down their tastes to two songs that are their go to

Dad - Mr Bojangles by Robbie Williams
Mam - When she loved me by Amanda Holden

With these influences is it any wonder im always propping up the music league


Fuckin’ Barclay James Harvest man.

Will do extensive lists but both of them have this terrible affliction

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Mum: Dr Hook
Dad: not a music person

Mum: David Bowie
Dad: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

*these are probably actually more my favourites that they really like

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