Who would your community.drownedinsound.com tag-team partner be?

Maybe talk about ring-gear, potential team names, opponents etc if you want? Above everything though, have fun with it!

The hardsmee boys


Is this the online dating thread?

No, that is a different, separate thread

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Me and @Lo-Pan would have a gimmick where he wears good clothes while I get drunk on tonic wine and he steals my cigarettes.


just want to check before I answer,

you’re asking me who my favourite person who posts on this website is?

Nice try narc!

its ruffers and eric on the same team, with jeremys iron as the non-combat manager, isn’t it.

snooty 80s ‘new romantics’ style get up, entering the ring with this:

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If that is who you would most want to be in a tag-team with then sure!

In all honesty Bammers this is an ill-thought out, poorly conceived thread without any real grounding for a discussion of any kind so literally post whatever you want.

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oh right,

well I’ll choose myself then!

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Nice one!

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serious answer though, one of the gym bros like Lo-Pan or whichever one of you does all the climbing

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i’d take jordan numbers as my partner because he’s actually done wrestling before, hasn’t he?


could see you as a good macho man type character

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That’s a great point

Oh yeah you’d definitely want to make sure you gave yourself a competitive edge.


He’s both randy and savage

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Take it to the filth thread!

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I’d pick @Icarus-Smicarus because our gimmick could be the North and Republic of Ireland joining forces. We could get pummelled because we’re proper weedy lads who write for a music website though.

My choice for our song would be this absolute classic:


sean. vince mcmahon never loses, does he?

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