Whod you reckon would do the longest and bestest hand stand in the dis community

@xylo has some pretty strong looking guns so im going with him



Well its not going to be you with a cough like that



I get good handstand vibes from @nemrac


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@Twinkletoes i reckon


Appreciate the shout but my hands don’t bend back anywhere near 90 degrees so a handstand is out of the question

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Was just thinking of your likely core strength! Is the hands related to climbing cos I’ve noticed mine are stiffer in that direction since doing it more regularly?

Quality of handstand: I’m your man

Duration: strongly unsure. Will try and do a video on holiday if I can manage it coz will be on a beach….

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Very much not this

For some reason I have a hardcore and perhaps misplaced faith in it being @shrewbie

The yoga doers: @nemrac @meowington possibly others?


Really quite touched that you would think this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very misplaced though, I’m not even much good at regular standing


I did some good front flips + forward rolls recently, and a perfect cartwheel

I can’t imagine this transferring to good handstands, though. being upside down was my least favourite bit

yeah, I think Hoogy is low-key the most limber person on DiS. keeps it to himself because he’s very classy

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  • I can do an unassisted handstand
  • I can do an assisted (human or wall) handstand
  • No chance

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  • Could do them as a kid and can now
  • Could do them as a kid but can’t anymore
  • Couldn’t do them as a kid but can now
  • Never handstood

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Sorry to disappoint but I can’t do a handstand and I’m not sure if I’ve ever done a proper vertical one even as a kid

Not for very long though

“Alexa, do a handstand”