Who'd you street team for?

Did saddle creek for a bit but i dreaded going into record shops and asking them to stock stuff. Got some good bright eyes swag tho.

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Roadrunner Records from about 1999 - 2003, they were super generous and very VERY trusting. When it was a band I liked I’d go over the top enthusiastic and chat to loads of people outside gigs while handing out flyers and other assorted tat - chances are if you ever had a keyring, sticker or sampler CD from someone like Killswitch Engage, Glassjaw, Soulfly etc from a gig in London it was me who’d given it to you. Got LOADS of freebies in return - guestlist places for gigs, pre release CDs, meet and greets and stuff. Best was Rob Flynn from Machine Head who was really lovely (but very short), worst was Max Cavalera who had everyone ushered on to his bus one by one to get their CD signed with the same quiet reverence you’d expect from an audience with the pope.

RIP Street Team culture.


My street team list is fairly damning from what I can remember

Tell us about it. This is a safe space.

If it makes you feel any better I once had nothing at all to say to Spineshank, who I hated with every fibre of my being.

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bit harsh on the 'shank

Did it for traffic promotions. Did bloc party, magic numbers, maximo park and a few others.
Also did Mew and a couple other bands directly

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Definitely ST’d for my chemical romance and ffaf (stickers, weird gummy sweets and more stickers, respectively) and I think I also ST’d for gay for johnny depp and million dead maybe?



changed my mind


My Vitriol

Hi Som


Nine Black Alps. Literally can’t name a song by them now.

65dos once in Galway, which was great. Already had a ticket to their gig but was able to get my mates in too as a result. Have a couple of Wild Light posters floating about still

Also: The Dears, Mars Volta.
Got roped into gigs for bands I wasn’t on street team of such as Feeder.

Whatd you do for TMV?

Not much!
Never played a gig over here so they basically sent me promos, posters, fliers etc to give to record stores and that.

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I did Traffic stuff too but for much crapper bands

No bands, but we used to promote shows, so I was often out flyering before and after gigs in London.

I was also the Newcastle ‘regiment’ of the Phonogarmy, which meant dropping off flyers for the comic Phonogram in record shops and comics shops. I still have the little badge I got for it.

Blimey, loads. The Kills, The Streets, Elbow, Cut Copy and Soulwax were some of the bigger ones. Plus a number that didn’t “make it” like The Honeymoon (the bloke from that band now plays live with the Manics), Thirteen:13 (briefly vaguely successful), The Presets (massive in Australia, not massive here) and a load I’ve forgotten.

I can’t be the only one who has no idea what street teaming is. Anyone care to explain?

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