🔎 👀 🔍 WHODUNNIT: a game rife with TV spoilers [Silent Witness edition]

Spoilers abound.

No prizes except satisfaction that you are a top sleuther.





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Episode 1: Buried Lies.

Sarah drowns. Is it suspicious? Sure looks that way!





Stepdad’s ex


  • Mum
  • Stepdad
  • Brother
  • Stepdad’s ex

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Clearly the brother, look at him

Please heed Sam Ryan’s wise words, don’t jump to conclusions.

If you’d like to take part in the post mortum before settling on an answer I’m sure that can be arranged.

Good point, it’s the stepdad

Once again not thought this thread through, do I just crack on with the episodes? Do I wait a certain amount of time then post the answer and move on to the next one. Man, I need to pay attention to how people like @Funkhouser run successful threads of this ilk.

Is there more that I can do to work out who did it than look at their photos?

I’m already dedicating 96% of my working day today to this thread, I’m afraid any change in format at this point means I won’t have time to pretend to be working.


If You Say So Reaction GIF by Identity


No no, I’m not being critical, if that is the case, I’m all for it, I just want to make sure I’m not spoiling it!

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Astonishingly good threadsmithery, this


brother, based on the haircut alone

My secret formula for a good thread: make it up as you go along and don’t give one single hoot what anyone else thinks or says about it.


No more free beer for you.

I’m only mean to people i like

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Same you dickhead!

Ok moving on (answers will be revealed at some point today).

Episode 2: Long Days, Short Nights

When Mark James’s decomposing body is discovered, it bears all the signs of a ritualistic killing. What’s the deal here then?


Girl that the victim attacked in scene 1

Victim’s best friend, Bird

Dr Owen, police surgeon

Eccentric occult professor

  • Girl from scene 1
  • Best friend Bird
  • Dr Owen
  • Eccentric occult professor

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Dr Owen looks like he’s doing it right there in the photo!

Reckon if it was this guy, he’d at least get a full name in the credits

That hint of villainous intent in his eyes! But could it be a red herring?

Sam Ryan eyes Dr Owen with suspicion from the off. Is she right to?