Wholesome/Toxic (polls)

When you sing ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)’ by Limp Bizkit in your head, do you sing the explicit version or the radio edit with the swears taken out?

  • the explicit original (badass/toxic)
  • the radio family friendly version (wholesome)
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You see someone fall. They’re not hurt at all but it was quite a trip. They do not find this trip to be amusing. Do you:

  • Laugh (toxic)
  • Hope they’re okay! (wholesome)
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when you’re exiting a plane and it’s by rows, do you get up and unload your stuff from the overhead compartments anyway or comply with the instructions?

  • comply (wholesome)
  • nobody tells me what to do (toxic)
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  • Peter Rabbit (wholesome)
  • Slimer from ghostbusters (toxic)
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smooth criminal:

  • Alien Ant Farm version (toxic)
  • Michael Jackson version (wholesome)
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this isn’t a thing, is it?

the one time i was told to stay in my seat due to a medical emergency, the guy sitting at the window in the row of three verbally abused me and threatened to kill me as i was not leaving the plane fast enough.

every flight i’ve been on for the past 5 or so years has had this.


  • toxic
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  • Citrus scented shower gel (toxic)
  • Honey or other scented shower gel (wholesome)
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  • Lynx (toxic)
  • Dove (wholesome)
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  • Bleach (toxic)
  • Anti-bacterial cleaner (wholesome)
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  • T-shirt (wholesome)
  • Tank top (toxic)
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  • Necklace (wholesome)
  • Chain (toxic)
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  • Swimming pool (toxic)
  • Sea (wholesome)
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  • photography (toxic)
  • painting (wholesome)
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  • vinyl (wholesome)
  • mp3s (toxic)
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  • Early Britney (wholesome)
  • Later Britney (Toxic)
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  • Eamon (toxic)
  • Frankee (wholesome)
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  • Forwards cap (wholesome)
  • Backwards cap (toxic)
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Isn’t the sea around the UK very much toxic?