Who's annoyed with you?

This thread is for cataloguing who’s annoyed with you right now.

Got quite a few on the go at the moment :frowning:

  • Work team-mate (reason unknown)
  • Parents (lack of visit/communication)
  • Boss (work stuff)
  • Girlfriend (housework, lack of moving house discussions)

Who’s got beef with you?

Not sure if DiS has a character limit but I’d go with my ex, most of my family, some of my friends and all the internet strangers.


My gf is mildly irked with my current working hours but the end is in sight for it.

Probably is definitely enough!

Expected, surely?

sister because I didn’t leave the correct amount of milk for her cereal this morning. like, unreasonably annoyed.


Yeah, it’s been a bad cycle for it though, I’ve done more lates and weekends for a longer period of time than usual.

My GF would probably be well fucked off with my working hours, but she works at home all the time so she’s in no position to judge.

Used to absolutely hate it when my housemate did this.

Think everyone is in a good mood with me atm tbh.

The guy at the train station who I accused of “standing around doing fuck all”


i dunno, stuff like this happens to me all the time (like, not getting what I want exactly when I want it) and I’m usually just like, yeah, fine, no biggie innit’.

Good skills!



Haha, no

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Oh on the way to work I think a driver meant to swear at a cyclist today but he was too slow and said “have a nice day, dickhead” to me. No apology though so maybe it was for me?

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Oh yeah, I’m annoyed with myself.

(You’re not shit though)


think one of my ATDs is pissed off with me thinking about it, because I bailed on doing something at his family home over the weekend as I couldn’t stand the prospect of being around his mum.

Probably my boss as I’ve started being blunt with my emails in response to her insane nit-picking.

And my hockey team in about ten minutes when I pull out of a social.

Walking down, bleary-eyed into the kitchen in your pyjamas to find that someone has left half a teaspoon of milk in the bottle so that they don’t have to buy a new one, when you’ve not got time to go to the shop and get some more, is really fucking annoying.