Who's annoyed with you?

not the worst thing that’s ever happened though, right?

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My mum, because I’m not commenting and liking enough of her holiday photos on Facebook and because she couldn’t remember that I’d said the TV and I are coming to theirs for Christmas


It’s up there.

It just signals a total lack of respect and awareness for anyone other than themselves.

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No one is more annoyed at me than me :frowning:



I’m sat at home drinking coffee and playing Final Fantasy 7 so i guess all of you lot who are at work?


What’s wrong with his mum?

probably more his entire family actually.

one of them works for the conservative party. nuff said.


I’d say my body in general.

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I don’t think anyone is annoyed at me, no.

Bf seems to like me quite a lot at the moment
Seeing my mum tomorrow
Lend my BFF a backpack for her trip this weekend
Seeing my other BFF next week
I keep to myself at work

Thought my housemate would be annoyed at me cause she calls me her wife and jokes at how I pretty much look after her and do everything for her (yeah lol) BUT she keeps overstuffing the bin and deliberately leaving it for me to do and then she did it this week and i said "it’s your turn, i’ve done the last 5 overstuffed bins"
But she seemed fine with me after that even though it’s the first time i’ve told/asked her to do anything in 18 months.


Wait till he sees the shoddy job I do today - that’ll show him!

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Some of my poster clients seeing as I’m finishing up. If you paid me on time I wouldn’t be finishing up you cunts!

Well, if there is then they can fuck right off.


I like this zero-tolerance policy!

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crashed at my friends a few weeks back after many drinks. he dropped me home in the morning and his car broke down when he was heading home.

naturally, that was my fault and now he’s hacked off with me.

he backed up his wrath by saying his dad agrees with him. chap is 34, the SC

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Class 7d

I’d guess no one, since I avoid all forms of human interaction

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