Who's been to Budapest?


Off on a last minute weekend tomorrow. Expecting it to be cheap and cold.

What can’t I miss?


kept trying to go here but it was always closed: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g274887-d6226245-r202025246-Hopfanatic-Budapest_Central_Hungary.html

there’s good bars everywhere though, just walk about

presuming you’ll mostly be in Pest, it’s well worth going over to Buda to see the castle and surrounding village, and i thought the underground cave system was cool but was a bit pricey to go in.



Used to work there- what sort of stuff are you into?



Szechenyi (sp?) baths, ruin bars, the view of the castle from the other side of the Danube at night


yeah, should have googled. Cheers!


Ha, no worries, I didn’t mean to shut you down, it just occurred to me that someone had asked for similar fairly recently.

When I went, I loved the ruin pubs, did a great walking tour, and also did Hungarian wine tasting at a weird cellar bar under the Marriott (or maybe Hilton) by the castle with a guy called Gabor, which was my personal highlight.


just going with the gf, want to go on a tour of the city and eat/drink/bath. Staying near Racoczi metro.


Oh, it’s this! Do this, Gabor is totally adorable:


Make sure you book.


Széchenyi is right- they’re the big ones in the central park by Hösök Tér.

Ruin bars- Most of them are called something Kert (garden) and are round by the synagogue by Astoria station . Szimpla is the biggest one. Some of them close over the winter though. That’s pretty close to where you’re staying.

Food- Good cheap food. Hungarian food is really nice. The cheap lunch menu is king. Etterém means restaurant and will be more expensive. Vendeglö means cafe/bistro and will be a lot cheaper. Büfet means takeaway.

Drink- Drinks are pretty cheap. Lots of cheap Hungarian wine. Bar obvs means bar, borház means wine cellar.

Transport - Good and cheap, although a lot of places are walkable from where you’re staying

Stuff I recommend- Buda Castle, crossing the Széchenyi chain bridge by foot (you get a great view as well if you catch the tram that goes along the river bank), the park on Margitsziget, the Terror Háza museum, flea market in the same park as the Széchenyi baths on a Saturday.


The baths, obviously. Would also recommend Heroes Square, I went when the sun was setting on my way to a gig and it was very quiet and it was beautiful.


Think everyone’s got it covered, but I’d take the opportunity to eat and drink as much as you can, food was good a steal for the price.

@_Em - am I right in saying that jaywalking is illegal? I noticed that all the locals where very strict about only crossing the road on a green man.


Something about being HUNGRY


Language stuff:

Sz= s sound
s=sh sound
ü and ö same as German
a=oh á=ah
All stress is on the first syllable

Igen- yes
Nem- no
Szia- hello/bye (sha)
Jól napot kivánok- have a nice day (yol napot kivanok)

Beszél angolul? - Do you speak English (besel ongolul?)
Nem értem- I don’t understand (nem eyrtem)

Kérem- please, I would like (keyrem)
kérem egy sört (keyrem edge shert) One beer please
kérem ket söröket (keyrem ket shereket) two beers please
sör=beer, you add a k to the end to make it plural and you add a t onto the end of a word if it’s the object of the sentence
kérem egy pizzat- one pizza please

kösönöm- thank you (kusunum)
kösönöm szépen- thank you very much- lit lovely thank you (kusumum seypen)
egészségedre= cheers (eges-sheg-eh-druh)- if you say it a bit wrong it means up your arse. Hungarians love to teach drunk foreigners how to say cheers


Yes, it’s illegal and you can get a ticket, and pay a fine. Even worse, you will have to deal with Hungarian bureaucracy.


You can also get a ticket for pissing in the street.


this is brilliant thanks!

Good to know re: Jaywalking, not planning on needing to piss in the street but if the beer’s that cheap…


You get about 360 forints to £1, which makes working out prices annoying. I tend to just round down to 300 to £1 and then be pleasantly surprised when I have more left than I thought. 1 metro ticket = about £1

You can get a nice lunch with a bowl of soup, main item and glass of beer for about £4.

I looked at the Szimpla website, and a pint of beer is 590ft so about £1.60, and it’s more expensive in there than an bog standard pub.

Fuck, I miss Hungary, but the nasty super-right wing government that’s in power puts me off moving there.