Who's got an OLED TV

  • Me
  • Not me
  • I don’t know what OLED is

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do they still cost a million dollars?

A grand(ish) for a 42" one

that’s too much


that’s ok but thank you

Funnily enough my partner mentioned them last night, wasn’t aware of them until then.

Not arsed. Probably too bright.

have you got an OLED ultrawide high refresh rate gaming monitor Dr?

Nah, 1080p non-OLED 144 Hz variable refresh rate one. Didn’t want to get one with so many pixels that I had to get a ridiculous graphics card to keep up.

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I got me a 144hz one about 5 years ago and I don’t dare to look at what they cost now in case they are really cheap and I feel like I got conned

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I think they go higher than 144 Hz now!

Can’t be arsed keeping up with hardware when I’m not looking to upgrade. Dull, dull stuff imo.

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lol as if anyone can perceive the difference between 140 and 200fps

OLED Luzhny


anyway sorry back to the TV chat!

OLED Jones


Wasn’t aware of these until last night and now I really want one but they’re too expensive

OLED’s iPad


OLED us not into temptation


Need a new TV but am worried about getting one in case it makes everything look shit and “upscaled” or whatever

OLEDdle town of Bethlehem