Who's Got Scatter Cushions?

Who’s got scatter cushions? Do you have scatter cushions?

  • Y
  • N

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Are they in your:

    • Bedroom
    • Lounge
    • Rumpus Room
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom

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Most importantly, do you ever make them into a wee fort for additional comfort purposes?

  • Of course
  • No, I have no joy in my life

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This thread brought to you by the fact that I have taken to making myself various different pillow forts out of our scatter cushions at bedtime and boy, it’s comfy.

Bedroom AND lounge for me.

They’re functional in the lounge and decorative in the bedroom. Much like me.


The second poll needs to allow multiple answers.

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  • I know what is meant by the term ‘scatter cushion’
  • I could hazard a guess
  • I do not

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I don’t really understand the difference between a scatter cushion and a cushion? I have cushions :woman_shrugging:


You’re right and it now does, please vote again on this issue of a generation

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I just answered about cushions


I just love the phrase scatter cushions, but regular cushion chat is highly, highly encouraged

I enjoy that you have indicated via polls that you don’t know what they are but that you have them

I have one cushion but it belongs to a friend and need to give it back

Well I have cushions but I don’t know if I have scatter cushions

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Don’t worry about it, this is a comfy inclusive thread for all

Let me tell you about my cushions, Shiggs.

Lounge: two grey, two teal, two red. Lovely.
Bedroom: one purple, one cow-print. Stunning.

And, if I may be so bold, I’ve got a throw in each of those rooms too.

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Ok, another big question. Why do women always seems to have lots of cushions but men do not? Do men not want comfort when they’re sitting on a sofa?

There are lots of scatter cushions in my house, but I am not in charge of them.

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do you chuck them about?

yes -> scatter cushion

no -> a regular cushion

I really like cushions, so :man_shrugging:

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Thank you for clearing that up. It appears that I do have scatter cushions after all.

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I love cushions, me. If I had my way, they’d be everywhere. Can’t have too many in the lounge though, because the dog takes instant ownership of them. Silly dog.

I would not want a cushion that had dog slobber all over it

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