Who's got the biggest telly here?


is it budget? probs.

I am buying a quite big one but not the sort of size some pals covet. are you even ON tellybook?


Ours is a daft big size. Maybe 40 or bit more. Was bought against my opinion, I was happy with the 32 one.

Least I can see the ball on FIFA now I guess


My 32" telly is about ten years old, and wasn’t that nice when I got it.

Think that makes me the poshest.


My TV is 5 foot 11


49 incher that I was given a year ago by my incredibly wealthy friend.


see this is probably the kind of size i’m looking at. i reckon it’s oh-shit big enough for gaming/movies without being ludicrous


Mine’s 45 inches or something incredibly daft for a man who lives in his bedroom


Its fucking huge, man. I’ve got it crammed in my quite small room and I have to sit up against the opposite wall to play vidja games.


40 big ones. Perfect size for our front room, doesn’t look too ostentatious.


A modest 32 inches :wave:


^said in falsetto voice


Like, I don’t even use it for anything. Don’t have a sky sports subscription, don’t have a games console, hate films.
It’s just massive re-runs of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.





not sure - think it’s a 38 incher

I just measured the chimney breast I wanted to mount it on - then took my tape measure to Richer Sounds

its 7 years old now - so if it breaks and needs replacing the new one will be a bigger screen as the TV edge to screen ration seems to have moved dramatically in the screens favor in the last few years


gave my tv away because I have a 144hz 1440p gaming monitor and it makes all tvs looks shit


40 incher isn’t it


49 inches for me.L :gem:


Ours is a 10 year old old 26 inch telly that we inherited from my parents.

The screen might be 26 inches, but the border around the edge (bezel?) is so thick that a modern 32 inch would be about the same size.

When I designed the shelving in our living room, I put in an area big enough for a 48 inch screen. At some point we might get one that big.

  • < 32"
  • 32-35"
  • 36-39"
  • 40-42"
  • 43-46"
  • 47-50"
  • 51-55"
  • 56-60"
  • 61-70"
  • 71"

  • I use a mega projector thing instead, innit
  • Indie I have no TV option.

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