Who's got the lowest coffee table?


I can’t see anyone beating @sadpunk 's one here.


mine is so low you can’t see it


Probably @colon_closed_bracket, assuming he keeps his CDs on it.


:notes:Sooo low, you can’t get under it…:notes:


I don’t really have a coffee table, just some occasional tables but they get moved about. I keep my Portishead back catalogue in a CD rack.


Is that Jesus’s Love Is Very Wonderful?!


:notes:So high, you can’t get over it :notes:


FYI, it goes with these chairs


Do you live in the lobby of a a mid-range boutique hotel?


I’ve got this one

legs a bit wonky


lack of ikea coffee table chat in here


got a lack £5 square side table at my studio (alongside an £11 foldy chair, linmon table and a £7 trolley from claus ohlson for tea/coffee supplies. there’s a stool and tiny bookcase from ikea in there also, but that’s it). would consider one of the £16 coffee table ones when i eventually move.


I put my coffee on the floor




I’m glad you thought @japes was making a Lack joke. I hope he was.

(We ditched our oblong Lack and have none now, unless we break out the girl’s mini one.)


What kind of Mormon would have a coffee table like that?


Oh hang on, I think I’ve just got this. You were making a joke about me being a fan of the band Low. I thought you were saying that I listened to what people used to call ‘coffee table music’ (Massive Attack, Feist, that kind of thing). Both are true, though the Low thing is more accurate.


You’re giving me far too much credit with the “coffee table music” angle. A joke that’s basically “HAHA THE WORD ‘LOW’ IS ALSO THE NAME OF A BAND” is much more my speed :slight_smile:


Hope this is the doc Watson version otherwise I retract my like :+1:


You must come on at the door :door:?