Who's got your favourite voice (singing)?



Posted because I’m listening to Camera Obscura for the first time in ages, and Tracyanne Campbell’s got a proper lovely voice, not sure if it’s my favourite ever ever ever but it’s up there


Probably not my favourite, but I really like Lee Ranaldo’s voice


Mark Lanegan.


Chris Cornell


ones i love, for different reasons:
nina simone
smokey robinson
josephine foster
kurt wagner
britt daniel


she’s got a lovely voice


Yeah Nina Simone’d be right up there, could happily listen to her reading the phonebook


also not conventionally good but chet baker

and sibylle baier
basically i like atonal singers that convey sadness


For various reasons

Thom Yorke

Trent Reznor
Lou Rhodes (from Lamb)


Another vote for Tracyanne Cool Water


And I love the way that Alan and Mimi’s voices work together. Here’s a good example:


Naomi Yang from Galaxie 500. Dean Wareham too actually.

Nancy Whang is a favourite as well. Really like her on the Shit Robot/The Juan MacLean stuff.

Who else? Genuinely love Malkmus’ voice on ‘Brighten The Corners’. Dylan’s voice around the Rolling Thunder period is a personal favourite as well.



Elizabeth Fraser is up there. Totally unique.


Joanna Newsom post-polyp and (it’s) live.


Oberst in full lovers turn into monsters mode


Sam Cooke is the answer

Levi Stubbs an honourable mention


Oh no wait, Crispin Glover


This to Sam Cooke, what a voice, love him!


Seems completely effortless and suits any mood