Who's had the earliest lunch then?

I’m working an hour earlier than usual 8.30 - 5.30 today so that means I can have lunch anytime from 11:30 yes? Jolly good. Reckon i’ll hold out til 12 for appearances sake but…

I know some of you are mad for an early lunch though so letsby avenue!

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I’m eating pizza for breakfast.



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Gonna meet up with the family and go to HALLOUMAN!

Terrible name, great halloumi.

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I’m going to go pick up some lunch now because I’m just off a call that made me want to hurl my laptop at a wall. I’ll keep you posted.

May have a treat yerself lunch to stay well fuelled… but a bit afraid of the food coma.

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I go for lunch at 12, still undecided on coffee, as I know I will buy a cake of soemthing I don’t need

Bought myself an actual lunch break by saying that i’m “rendering.” Oh the luxury of being able to sit in pret instead of at my desk!!

Might go burrito actually !!!


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Had mine at 11:45 yesterday, holding out today though.

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Cooked mine yesterday so I’ll have it in a mo

been counting down to 12 for about 2 hours.

in 5 minutes time for me

salad? dunno.

Not today, but had my lunch at 9.40 on Tuesday.

Won’t have lunch until at least 2 today

mmm beef rendang


you must be fkn starving meight


I’ve got my PT at 2, so I’m going for lunch …. NOW.

20 seconds