Who's like The Jesus Lizard these days?

The latest Pissed Jeans album has been a big let down for me. Who else is out there ripping off the lizard?

these guys did/do it pretty well


oxbow live in a similar world sometimes too

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That would be my go-to as their successor. They’re a bit slicker now though. The last Daughters album as well maybe?

never actually heard them but my friend called young widows a daughters rip off :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Naaaaaah! Daughters took quite a while to end up where they did (they were sort of…spazzy? to begin with), and by that time Young Widows were very well-established.

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that’s what i thought!


Good choice sir! Adult is a fucking wonderful album as well!

I guess Kong had some of their spirit too.

Good shout. I’ve seen them live a few times and the first thing I thought was that they clearly owed a lot to The Jesus Lizard.

it certainly is!

Some of Dillinger Escape Plan’s recent stuff has a hint of Jesus Lizard

no it doesn’t


Came here to say BLKLSTRS and that exact song. Saw them a few weeks back and they are great

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Pile sound a bit like The Jesus Lizard.

Anyone seen a brilliant anthology horror film called Southbound? David Yow is in one of the shorts. Took me a while to work out that it was him.

Enjoyed this, cheers!

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He’s in that one I Don’t Want to Live in This World Any More or something. It’s on Netflix and really good. Directed by the main guy in Blue Ruin who’s best mates with Jeremy Saulinier

Did you come to the show of theirs we put on? Almost blew the Wheatsheaf apart, so much fun.

Yeah, I was there. It was awesome! Had to get up at 5am the next day to go to Newcastle though – not ideal!